Here are some questions and answers you will hopefully find helpful!  For anything else, please contact us as we’re only a quick text, call, or email away!

How is In A Snap Photobooths different from other companies?

Photo boothing to us is about creating an experience.  An experience that your friends and family will cherish and remember for years to come.  The dedication our team will provide to your event will be evident in every last detail.  We offer a professional, worry-free service, that’s effective, reliable, and memorable.

  • Our goal is to provide the absolute, hands-down, best experience.  We know we’re doing great when guests come up to thank us for how much fun they’re having!  Check out our our Wedding and Event reviews.
  • We want your event to be successful and we’ll go the extra mile to make it happen.
  • We use professional equipment like cameras and printers to produce crisp, virtually sun/waterproof photos, that last many years.
  • We bring backup equipment.  This is an absolute must for any company.
  • We have a strong background in technology — meaning when it breaks, we can fix it.  All too often we hear other companies shutting down early and givings refunds because they couldn’t get the booth running.
  • We’re fun! 🙂
What type of equipment do you use?

We use real cameras and dye-sublimation printers which produce crisp, instantly printed photos in under 15 seconds!  The prints are also virtually sun and waterproof.  They say the photos won’t fade for 30 years, although we haven’t been around quite that long to tell!

Many companies use webcams, ipads, or inkjet printers which can have varying results in quality and the slightest amount of liquid can ruin a photo.

Have you ever missed an event?

Absolutely not.  We know how much having a photo booth at your wedding or other event means to it’s success and we wouldn’t miss that for the world.  Case and point: We had a big wedding to work one Saturday evening.  Little did we know that our son decided to make his grand entrance 3 weeks early on that same night. Switched some staff around and we were still able to provide a flawless experience for our Bride and Groom.

How many pictures per strip do you recommend?

If you’re doing a traditional photo booth event, we’d recommend 3 pictures on the strip for several reasons.  First, it allows us more space for some very fun design work.  Second, it allows the sessions to go a little quicker getting more people through for your event. We also find that people don’t always know what to do for the 4th picture.  By the third, they start to run out of ideas (remember, the shots come fairly quick!).  4 is always fine especially if you want more photos and less design.

And because we’re all about creativity, customization, and uniqueness, we could also create a strip with less photos or even MORE!

Do you offer DJ or other services?

The short answer is no.  To provide outstanding photo booth service, we do not split our time by offering other vendor activities ourselves.  We believe by offering one service, we’re able to provide the highest level of photo booth service available.

We do have partnerships with other vendors and offer discounts when booking us together.  The vendors we chose to work with are all hand picked and are extremely talented and will absolutely be an asset to your event.  We’ve worked enough events to know that choosing the right vendors can make your event a hit.  Please contact us with what you’re looking for and we can provide you some information.

How many people does the booth fit?

Our enclosed booth fits 1-6 comfortably but we’ve squeezed in 12 adults before which makes for some very fun photos!

Our open setup can squeeze in as many as you’d like!

How many copies do you print?

Every person in the photo receives a copy whether its 1 or 12!

When do guests receive their prints?

Instantly!  They’ll no more than set their props back and the first set will likely be printed!  It is that fast!

What customizations can you offer?

The photo strip is always customized.  We have dozens of layouts to choose from and then our graphic designer will take your layout choice and design it to match your theme, colors, or even your invite.  We’ll design it until you love it!

Other customizations range from the start screen all the way up to skinning the booth to match your event or corporate activation.

Can I design the photo strip?

Absolutely! If you, a friend, or your company has/is a graphic designer, we’d love for you to create the strip.  No better way to make it perfect than doing it yourself.  You’ll choose from one of our dozens of layouts and then we’ll send you the photoshop file to work from. Once you send it back, we’ll test it all out to make sure everything works!  Get creative!

What are your space and electrical requirements?

In a perfect world, a 10×10 space would be ideal but we have set up in very small spaces.  If you’re concerned about space, contact us so we can work out a configuration that’ll work for your event.

Electrical needs are just a standard 110v outlet located within 15 ft of the photo booth.  Devices that draw lots of power can cause damage to our equipment if a circuit blows.  Please try to keep us separate from devices such as DJ equipment, slow cookers, etc.

Do you do outdoor events?

Yes we sure do!  Outdoor events do require some sort of shelter.  We do have a tent we can provide for a small additional fee.

Do you have fundraising discounts?

Glad you asked!  We offer great discounted rates for fundraising events and even have a way for you to raise money for your cause.  Contact us to find out more!

Do you offer discounts?

We do!  Military, police, fire, schools, fundraisers, and weekday events all qualify for discounts.  Contact us to find out more!

Do you have different backdrops to choose from?

Lots!  If you’re looking for more than the dull black backdrop that most companies offer, we’ve got you covered.  We have lots of colors and designs to choose from to make your photo strip stand out!

Do you offer green screen services?

Of course!  Take the pictures of your guests in any situation.  We can put people…

  • In a snow globe
  • In Space
  • On a football field
  • In another country
  • Anywhere you can imagine!

…all from the comfort of your event.  Or we can simply use it for a backdrop design we don’t offer.  The possibilities are endless.


Do you price match?

In this industry you’ll find photo booths come in a variety of shapes and quality so it’s difficult to compare services.  We use professional equipment and when you compare our quality to someone that may use a webcam and/or an inkjet printer, you’ll see there are some very noticeable differences. We price ourselves to be competitive and at a point where we can sustain a business. Much of any profit we earn gets reinvested into our business so we can continue to offer the absolute best service available…which is why you’re checking us out in the first place, right? 😉